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 T Series - XPAG/XPEG camshaft - standard or crossdrilled
Manufactured in EN408 with improved profile and larger base circle to minimise wear and give improved performance.  Our crossdrilled camshaft also features positive oil feed to every lobe in order to repel lobe wear.  AAA3096     AAA3096XD
 T Series - Adjustable sproket set

Re-engineered to offer precise cam timing for all XPAG engines  AAA5664KA

 T Series - XPAG/XPEG engine crankhaft rear oil seal kit
Stops the common problem of oil leaking out of the rear scroll seal of the engine  AAA5611X

 T Series - lightened fast road flywheel
Manufactured in steel to exacting standards, these lightened flywheels weigh just 4.15kg which gives a saving of 3.6kg over the standard flywheel.  To fit MG TB, TC, TD and TF.  SA2252X
 T Series- TA TB TC inner rear hub
Manufactured in EN24T resulting in far stronger hubs to replace the previously unavailable originals.  The hubs come complete with the 6 required studs  AAA525
 T Series - modified XPAG valve spring kit
With shortened springs to allow higher revving with sports camshafts.  168428C

 T Series - Available again at long last!
Brown and Gammons are very proud to annouce that they have re-manufactured the large finned sump for the MG TB, TC, TD and TF.  The sump which has been unavailable for over 20 years, has been manufactured in the UK from sandcast alloy and is sized at 5.96 litres.  The sump part number SA2411N

 T Series -  Front Pulley
Another new item from us is the T Type front pulley which has been unavailable for some time.  The pulley has been beautifully machined from EN24 in the UK is finished chemically black which offers a slightly higher level of rust protection and is ideal for anyone undertaking an oil seal conversion.  The pulley part number is AAA5779
TD TF MGA Modified Pin and Trunnion set
New improved design swivel pin and trunnion giving better strength.  Supplied as pairs

T Type Conrods - Set of 4
Beautifully crafted in EN24T, shot peened with ARP bolts.  Truely beautiful works of art

 New T Type XPAG Crankshaft
Beautifully machined from EN408B steel billet - the ultimate in T-Type performance crankshafts



MGF Trophy & MG TF 160 - Front Pad Pins, new manufactured
These pins have long been sought after by owners of the MGF Trophy & MG TF 160 and so news of these now being available at Brown & Gammons will be good news to these owners.
The pins, part number SFP000310PIN

 Stainless Steel Battery Clamp
Re-manufactured in stainless steel for lasting durability.  Will fit MGF, TF, MG ZS, MG ZT and Rover 45 and 75

MGA & MGB - Rear Inner banjo hubs
Manufactured in EN24T which results in the hub being far stronger and better suited to its job.  Will fit MGB from 1962 to 1967. ATB7352 - MGA. BTB334 - MGB
MGB - Fast road fly wheel 5 bearing
Re-engineered to exacting standards to achieve a far superior lightened flywheel 12H2184FR
Anti roll bar End Stop
Beautifully crafted from aircraft aluminium, fully anodised offering lighter and stronger components.  Available in 9/16" 5/8" or 3/4" diameter.

MGB - Gearknob with overdrive switch
Available in either black or alloy for either 3 or 4 synchro boxes.  Also now available to fit rubber bumper MGBs.
STN1051 - 3 synchro alloy
STN1052 - 4 synchro alloy
STN1056 - for rubber bumper
STN1051B - 3 synchro black
STN1052B - 4 synchro black
MGB - Roller Rocker Assembly
Brown and Gammons are pleased to announce that they can now supply new Roller Rocker Assemblies for the MGB
These new assemblies are beautifully re-engineered with alloy rockers and supplied fully assembled including change over base feet to suit both type of MG head.  They are proudly manufactured in the UK with an improved ratio of 1.625 and are available at a greatly reduced price, please link on the link STN1065

Midget -  Roller Rocker assembly
Engineered with alloy rockers and supplied fully assembled and will fit the 1098 and 1275 model Midgets.  Improved ratio of 1.5. 12A1950ROLLER

MGF / TF Seat Belt Tidy
Fixes simply to your seat belt to keep it tidy and easily accessible.  Available in either alloy or anodised black.  Sold in pairs.  BGF9034 Alloy.  BGF9034B Anodised.

MG ZR Competition Alloy Top Mounts
Remanufactured in alloy to offer precise damper location.  Also allows camber adjustment.  Sold in pairs

MGF / TF stainless steel Engine Coolant pipes
Re-engineered by us in the UK in stainless steel for superior quality and durability

MGF / TF Drive Flange
Made in EN24 making it stronger and superior quality than the original.  Complete with studs

 MGF Coil Spring Conversion Kit
The units are turned from solid billet with a hard anodised black Surface finish, which looks very impressive when you open the box!

The kit consists of the following;
2 off front spring canisters
2 off rear spring canisters
2 off front non adjustable dampers
2 off rear non adjustable dampers
1 off fitting instructions
Fitting is simply as a direct replacement for the original displacer, utilising the original pressed steel mounting plates. Then mount on the ball joint and offer up to the body, with the adjuster fully in. Once bolted in place the adjuster is wound out fully to set the car at the optimum standard ride height. The car can be lowered only to a point which does not interfere with the standard geometry.


Locking Wheel Nut Key for MG Rover Cars
We are pleased to announce that we have now remanufactured the complete set of locking wheel nuts for the MGF,  MG TF and MG Rover range of cars excluding the MGZT/ Rover 75.  Made in the UK from EN24 the wheel nuts have been case hardened to stop the nuts grinding down with use and becoming ineffective.  The nuts can be brought individually or as a full set complete with a workshop/bench mount and including the cover removing tool. The wheel nuts available are:
A7 B42 C29 D16 E4 F36 G12 H98 I9 J53 K69 L30 M2 O57 P70 Q84 R93 S25 T46 (the letter refers to the wheel nut and the number corresponds to the key).
 The cover removal tool is part number KBP100050.  If it is the complete set you are after that is part number KBM100000KIT


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